BATES George

George Bates was born in Whittington in 1898.  His mother was Eliza Annie Booth and she married Samuel Bates.  According to the 1901 census the family were living at 139 Church Street Old Whittington and Samuels occupation was given as a coal hewer.

Samuel must have died between 1908 and 1911, for at the beginning of 1911 Eliza married Robert Loomes.

The 1911 census shows that  Eliza and Samuel had five children before his death and Eliza and Robert now had a daughter. They were living at 86 Church Street Old Whittington and Roberts occupation was given as a labourer.  George is listed as Robert Loomes stepson, he is 13yrs old and attending school.

George enlisted in the army in Chesterfield and was a Private (service number 18317) in the 9th Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles).  He was killed in action on 3rd July 1916.  It is probable that George would have been involved in the Battle of the Somme and the 9th Battalion were recorded as taking part in the Battle of Albert on 1st July 1916 and the Battle for Bernefay Wood on 3rd July 1916.

During the first day of the Battle of the Somme the 9th Cameronians remained in reserve as part of 27th Brigade, 9th Division, and on 3 July moved up to the front line at Montauban. When the Cameronians relieved the 2nd Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, heavy German shelling depleted their initial strength of 20 officers and 659 men. The work of consolidating their front line trenches was made difficult by heavy rain and very dangerous by artillery fire. The Battalion’s war diary in The National Archives records that between 3 and 8 July, when the Cameronians were relieved, their casualties amounted to 32 dead, 5 died of wounds, 100 wounded, and 2 missing believed killed. 

 The above account was taken from National Records for Scotland and the full account can be seen here

George is buried at Quarry Cemetery Montauban a link to the Cemetery information can be found here

The entry from the Grave registration report is below :