An update about Samuel Hinde one of the landowners of Whittington who also had a small share in the Manor of Whittington.

I was contacted recently by Peter Warsop, a direct descendant of Samuel Hinde who has kindly supplied me with further information about the Hinde family.

As you can see from the above family tree the Hinde family have roots going back to Whittington over 350 years, the children of John Hinde were born in Whittington as early as 1670. To put this into context the family were living in Whittington at the time the conspirators met at the Cock and Pynot Inn in 1688 and would no doubt have known all about that momentous meeting.

John Hinde was the first member of the family to live in Whittington and according to his will of 1721 he was a tanner. The content of his will would suggest that John was quite a wealthy man, who owned land and property in Chesterfield, Newbold and Dronfield. He also left a bequest to the poor of Whittington.

“I give and bequeath unto the poor of Whittington the sum of two pounds ten shillings to be put into the poor’s stores/stock? for the poor’s use for ever”.

Extract from original will of John Hinde.

The legacy is in the list of charities mentioned in the article from the Derbyshire Courier March 5th 1910.

The Hinde family relationship with Whittington would appear to have come to an end towards the end of the 19th century. The families eighth share in the Manor of Whittington was finally sold in 1856 to Messrs William and John Fowler.

My thanks to Peter Warsop.

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