The pages of Kellys Directory from 1891, Whittington has  been divided into three areas and Sheepbridge/Brushes now has a big enough population to get a mention in the Directory.

By 1881 the size of the population for the whole parish of  Whittington had grown to 7271, a big leap from the 1861 census when the  population was 2839.  This would be mainly due to expansion of industry around the Whittington area and the growth of  coal mining.

St Bartholomews is not the only place of worship by 1891, there is a Mission Church (St Barnabas) at New Whittington and a Mission Church at Broomhill Park, both attached to St Bartholomews.  There were two chapels in Old Whittington, the Wesleyan and the Primitive Methodist.  There is also a United Methodist Church situated on the Brushes and a Methodist chapel on Sheepbridge

There are several businesses situated on the Brushes included in the Old Whittington Commercial directory.

pigots 1891 directory

1891 page 2pigots 1891 page 3

For more information on the  chapels in Old Whittington :

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