I couldn’t resist posting this article from the Derbyshire Times 10th March 1928. The writer doesn’t appear to have a very high opinion of the residents of Old Whittington and how they view the war memorial. I imagine at the time it could have been quite offensive to some! Would be interesting to have known who the author was and where he came from.


I was surprised to read how long the library has been situated at Swanwick Hall, it was discussed by the Trustees in March 1929 when they offered the Hall as a Delivery Station for Chesterfield Library at a rental of £10 per annum.

A newspaper report from 15 June 1929 confirms that a Delivery Station of the Chesterfield Library was to be opened in the Swanwick Memorial Hall.

New readers were to be enrolled on June 21st and it was hoped the issue of books would commence on 25th June.

I remember going there as a girl in the sixties when you used to go up the stairs at the back of the Hall.

Derbyshire Times 2 March 1929

Derbyshire Times 15 June 1929