Nurse Cheetham

Old Chesterfield Pictures had a post from Kev Walton with a newspaper article about Nurse Cheetham. She was the local midwife in Whittington from 1912 to her retirement in 1939.

The article got me thinking about Nurse Cheetham and how she had delivered over 5000 babies. She would have been present when many of our Whittington ancestors were born and must have been very well known in the area.

She wasn’t born a local woman she came originally from Sherington Bucks, but she married James Albert Cheetham in 1896 and not long after the couple moved to Old Whittington, she had two children and became a midwife when she was 37 years old.

She lived many years at 99 Holland Road and was still living in Whittington when she died on 17 November 1958.

Derbyshire Times 28th July 1939


I couldn’t resist posting this article from the Derbyshire Times 10th March 1928. The writer doesn’t appear to have a very high opinion of the residents of Old Whittington and how they view the war memorial. I imagine at the time it could have been quite offensive to some! Would be interesting to have known who the author was and where he came from.