I have just finished researching John Smith and my research can be read at

I have to admit when I first read the name I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to find the correct man, however, as sometimes happens, John turned out easier to trace than I expected.

I managed to contact a great niece of Johns which helped to confirm I was on the correct path.

Sadly I have not yet found a photo of John Smith, and if there are any other descendants of the Smith family who might have a photo or any other information then please get in touch.



I am coming nearly to the end of my research into the men on the War Memorials.  Sadly, as to be expected, I cannot find much reliable  information for a few of the men.

Thomas Hubbard is one, I have posted what I have found at

Charles Fearn is one man I cannot trace with certainty that I am following the right man, and he may have to remain a mystery.

If anyone can help with any information on either of these two men please get in touch.



Frank Wheelhouse, I have had trouble finding Frank Wheelhouse and have to admit nearly gave up until last week when I finally found a clue. Frank Wheelhouse had enlisted as Frank Morgan, presumably this is a family name but not his mothers maiden name which occasionally happens. Frank was killed in action on 15th August 1915 leaving a wife and twin babies at Sheepbridge. His story can finally be read at

If anyone has any further information they would like to add regarding Frank Wheelhouse then please get in touch.



Wm Arthur Belfitt

I have just finished researching William Arthur Belfitt and his story can be read at

This was a bit of a tricky one with still a few unconfirmed pieces of information. I have never researched a member of the RFC later the RAF and it was quite a learning curve for me, and I found some it very interesting and distracting!

I haven’t found a picture of William as yet but will keep looking and if any descendants of the Belfitt family have any photos or information they would like to share then please get in touch.



I have just finished my research into the life of Ernest Gilberthorpe. He died on 27th May 1918, he was 23 years old. His story can be read at

I haven’t yet found a photo for Ernest but will keep looking.

If any descendants of the Gilberthorpe family have any stories or photos they would like to share on the webpage then please get in touch.