Sounds like a good time was had by all in May 1935 at this party on Newbridge St, renamed ‘Paradise Square’ for the occasion.Newbridge Street no longer looks like this but it still runs alongside Whittington Hill.Many families lived on this street and the Loomes family was one of them. Robert Loomes fought in WW1 and came home injured and lived on Newbridge Street for many years whilst his brother Christopher , who was awarded the DCM, was killed later in the war but his widow continued to live on Newbridge Street.

Newbridge St past (picture from Picture the Past)

Newbridge St present


I found this piece from Sheffield Daily Telegraph 4h June 1892, especially interesting as my great grandfather Harry Parker was landlord of the White Horse Inn in 1892, in fact my grandfather Percy Parker was born there just a couple of weeks after this advert was placed.

The blacksmith shop was run by great grandfathers brother in law Walter Herbert Booth.

Harry Parker is mentioned as tenant at the time of the sale.

Would be interesting to find out who bought the property.

The picture below (from Old Chesterfield Pics) is a few years after my great grandfather lived there.


Found this in the Sheffield Register, Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Universal Advertiser 8 July 1791

Trepanning was a procedure to relieve pressure on the skull (or as some people believed to give a trapped demon a hole to escape from) a hole was drilled into the skull. I haven’t found any evidence yet whether the poor boy lived or died, but it must have been a horrific experience for the young boy.

The picture and information on trepanning was taken from…/what-trepanning-ancient-sur…/

terrible accident

terrible accident 2 8 july 1791