Bulmer’s North – Eastern Derbyshire 1895 Old Whittington

Bulmers History, Topography and Directory for 1895 describes a Whittington with a still increasing population but with many amenites to serve the residents. The three parishes of Old, New and Whittington Moor had a population of 8798 in 1891.  The population of Old and New Whittington and Sheepbridge was 6388

The following are extracts taken from Bulmers for 1895.

“The parish is in the hundred of Scarsdale, petty sessional division, county court district, and poor law union of Chesterfield, deanery of Dronfield and forms a division for the election of a county councillor.  An urban council has taken the place of the local board.  There are nine members, three for each of the three wards into which the parish was divided when the local board was formed.”

The urban district councillors for Old Whittington Ward  in 1895 were:

Enoch Bell – who was the schoolmaster, John Henry Green and George William Skidmore.

Guardian for Old Whittington was Miss Mary Swanwick.

The Directory then goes on to explain how and why the parish of Whittington grew.

“The parish owes its prosperity to the abundance of coal and iron ore in the district.  Extensive works for the manufacture of iron and steel were erected by Messrs. Firth and Sons in 1857, and the village of New Whittington sprang up for the accomodation of the employees; and the following year the Sheepbridge Iron Works, (now the property of Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Co. Ltd) were established. The former works were closed in 1887.  the latter company has eight blast furnaces and two rolling mill.  The Albion Pottery of Messrs Thos. Taylor and Son also gives employment to a considerable number of hands; and bricks are extensively manufactured at Brierley Bridge.”

Bulmers Directory also tells the history of the how the local schools were founded:

“The earliest provision for educational purposes was left two centuries ago by Peter and Joshua Webster, who devised lands and messuages for the maintenance of a schoolmaster to teach freely a certain number of poor scholars.  The school charity and estate are under the management of five governors, in whom also the various local charities have been vested by the Charity Commissioners.  A new school was built in 1850, and subsequently enlarged to accommodate 450 children. There are two departments, mixed and infants, and an average attendance of 450.  Schools have also been erected at New Whittington and Whittington Moor, each having two departments, mixed and infants. Evening continuation schools are held in the winter months, and are amongst the best attended in the county.”

The Governors of Websters Whittington School, Charity and Estates were:

Henry Thos. Twelves – Chairman

Johnson Pearson Esq.

Miss Swanwick

Dr. A M Palmer

W. D.Holford Esq.

John James Creed – Clerk

By 1895 there was a library at Old Whittington, open on Thursday’s between 6-7.  The librarian was Joseph Matchett.

Station master at Sheepbridge  station was Timothy Sanders.

There was a Gas Works at the bottom of Whittington Hill (Whittington Gas Co. Ltd) and this was managed by Henry Herbert Everest.

The Rector at St Bartholomews (since 1892) was Rev. John Tomlinson.

Verger – William Hand

Sexton – George Baker

Parish Clerk – H T Twelves

The number of private residents listed for Old Whittington has grown and the list now includes business owners as well.

Private residents:

bulmers1895 webpage

The pages of Old Whittington Trades and Professions show just how the size of the population  has increased and the services required has increased accordingly.  The Brushes is now mentioned and had several businesses listed.  What is surprising is the number of farmers in Old Whittington,the names of some of the long gone farms are now the names of roads, Bower Farm Road, Compass Crescent.

What is also emerging are the names of Old Whittington residents that are getting quite familiar – Eveleigh, Mettam, Syddall, Booth, Green, Palmer, Bargh and Fletcher to name but a few.


CROOKES Miss Caroline S

Day and Boarding

The Mansion


Fred Robinson head mstr

F B Earle CM Asst Mstr

Mrs Robinson CM sewing mistress


Miss Hannah Jackson Head Mistress

Miss Florence Clarke CM       Asst mistress


Priestley Henry Brierley Bridge:    h 113 Sheffield Rd


Taylor Wm. 40 Fowler St


Booth Walter, White Horse

Syddall Joseph High St



Chapman Charles

104 Sheffield Rd


Stubbins Jas. 32 Whittington Hill


Gaunt Frank 47 High Street

Locke Chas. Albt. Church St

Randall Wm. 13 Prospect Rd

Redfern Frank; h Barlow Grange

Shemwell W T Prospect Rd

West Tom 110 Sheffield Rd


To Chesterfield (Sat)            George Mettam


Bargh Samuel 54 High St

Cundy John Spring House

Durham Geo. Compass Farm

Green John Henry Holly Hs

Green Joseph The Green

Hand William Bowers Farm

Hoyle John William

Jenkinson Henry Church St

Johnson William Edward    Brierley Bridge

Mason Alfred Broom Cottage

Mottishaw David

Smith John Church Street and at Brimington

Thorpe William High Street

Twigg Mrs Sarah

30 Broomhill Lane


Savage Lewis


Bailey Mrs Lucy (and beer retailer) 7 Prospect Rd

Chapman William (and beer retailer) 40 Whittington Hill

Cooke Alfred Joseph (& beer merchant) Church Street

Lloyd Geo. Wilson (and beer retailer) The Brushes

Lowe Frank ( & yeast merchant)

102 Whittington Hill

Lowe John Church Street

Mills George 38 High Street

Mitchell W 27 Prospect Rd

Pendleton Mrs Mary Ann

99 Sheffield Road

Shemwell William Thomas (&beer retailer) Prospect Rd

Skidmore G W Sheffield Rd

Thompson Jonathan, senr,         66 Holland road

Thorpe John 43 High Street

Vickers Wm. ( & post office)

Worne Aaron Holland Road


BULLS HEAD Herbert Stead

COCK AND MAGPIE (Revolution House) Wm Meakin

PHEASANT INN (The Brushes) Mrs Grace Pearson


RAILWAY INN (The Brushes) Richard Hardwick Hallam




BRITISH WORKMANS’      Herbt Gabitass The Brushes

LOND.EDIN AND GLASGOW Saml. Portman The Brushes

PRUDENTIAL Holmes George

11 Whittington Hill


Fletcher Edgar Bargh

Devonshire Villa

Gilberthorpe H  10 Victoria Rd and at New Whittington


Palmer AM MRCS Eng LRCP Ed The Poplars


Senior George (earthenware) Barker Pottery Brampton


Beard James 32 High Street

Birkbeck Jno. 19 Prospect Road

Carrington George (and beer retailer) 12 Whittington Hill

Doe Thomas 54 Holland Road

Eveleigh John 36 Holland Road

Fairchild G. 108 Sheffield Road

Fairchild J. 111 Sheffield Road

Fielding John Holland Road

Henkin George The Brushes

Mettam Mrs M. 94 Church Street

Portman Saml. The Brushes

Priestley Hy. 113 Sheffield Road

Street Joshua William St

Thompson Jonathan Junr.

(& yeast merchant) 26 Broomhill Lane


Elliott Thomas

Green John Henry Holly Hs


Fletcher Edgar B.

Devonshire Villa

Bulmers North- Eastern Derbyshire 1895 does have the information for New Whittington and Whittington Moor and can be read  at











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