Joseph Sydall

Having lived in Whittington for most of my earlier life I was surprised that I  never realised Joseph Sydall, a well known artist, was born in Old Whittington at Church Street in 1864.  Mary Swanwick, from the well known Swanwick family, spotted his talents and under her patronage he went on to study at Art School.

I will look further into the history of Joseph Sydall and hopefully be able to find some copies of his drawings or sketches to put on the website.

2 thoughts on “Joseph Sydall”

  1. Hi, I was for many years the Curator of th Chesterfield Museum and the Revolution House. There is a collection of Joseph’s work at Chesterfield Museum, including something of considerable interest to your project – namely a small sketch on a rough piece of card of the top of the Old Whittington War Memorial. This could be Syddall’s initial idea for it. He frequently seems to have drawn on what ever came to hand! You may also be interested to hear that he also designed the stone soldier memorial for Dronfield. Contact Chesterfield Museum for more.


    1. HI Anne-Marie that is very informative thank you. I would be very interested in the sketch of the War Memorial . I did know about the Dronfield Memorial although I have to admit even though I grew up in Whittington I didn’t know much about Joseph Syddall until recently, but I am now learning fast!


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