Joseph Syddall

I visited Chesterfield Museum yesterday to see the work of Joseph Syddall. There is a display of his work and for anyone who hasn’t heard of him he came from Old Whittington and he designed the War Memorial  on Church Street at Old Whittington.

There were two reasons for my visit, I wanted to find out more about his work but also  I  had been advised there was a pencil drawing there of his design. I have taken some pictures, and have also bought some postcards depicting some of his paintings all of which will go on the website in the next few days.

Thanks Anne Marie Knowles for letting me know about the exhibition and for anyone passing the Museum I would recommend popping in for a look!


Photograph courtesy of Chesterfield Museum

Self portrait of Joseph Syddall as exhibited at The Royal Academy 1898.

2 thoughts on “Joseph Syddall”

  1. I like all the works of Joseph’s , but I must admit that I am Joseph’s second cousin twice removed. I have most of my Syddall/Siddall family from Old Whittington on my ancestry tree. Can help people looking for help with our family, dating back to 1509. Main areas’are Whittington, Dronfield, Holmesfield. Eckington.Sheffield


    1. HI David thank you for getting in touch.

      The idea of the One Place Study is to make a point of reference for people to find out information on ancestors, people and places past in Old Whittington. Your offer of help with research and information on the Syddall family is a perfect example of what I was hoping to achieve.

      If you don’t mind I can also post on the facebook page for the Study that you have this information and, if you would prefer, ask people to email me at my One Place study email address. That way we don’t make your contact details public. It is up to you, if you prefer to be emailed directly then let me know and I can post your email address on the webpage etc.

      Kind regards

      Linda Bell


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