WW1 Research

March will be the last month I will be listing the men by the month they died. I have now done the full year and hopefully all of the brave Old Whittington men will have been remembered on the day they died.

I am continuing to research the remaining 34 men and will post their information on here and on the website as before and any family contributions now and any time in the future will be appreciated.

The hard copies of my research are being printed by Rev Jo Morris Rector of Whittington and they will be kept at the church as a reference point in the future if anyone happens to call there whilst undertaking family research.

5 thoughts on “WW1 Research”

  1. Incredible work, such attention to detail.
    I found my great grandparents, grandparents and their whole family via your work. I’d only heard about my great uncle “Georgie” Kirk mentioned a few times by my grandmother but had no clue he lost his life in WWI.

    I can’t thank you enough for this


    1. Hi Robert thank you for getting in touch and letting me know that you have found the research helpful and interesting.

      It has been a privilege for me to be able to give these men a life story, very short in most cases, but it does make you realise that these were just ordinary men, living ordinary lives who were willing to give everything up to serve their country. Very brave men.

      Sadly, I couldn’t find a photo for your great uncle in the Derbyshire papers. If you have any family stories regarding George that you would like to add , or a photograph I can update the webpage at anytime.

      I do have a source file for each man of where the relevant information came from, I have not printed any of it out but if there is any information you need to further your family research then let me know.

      The record for each man is being printed and is going to be kept at St Bartholomews Church Old Whittington, then anyone going there to do family research can refer to them and/or the website.

      Kind regards

      Linda Bell


      1. Hello Linda,

        Again I’d like to thank you for your diligent work, what an incredible undertaking. My aged father who still lives fairly close to the area has my grandmother’s family bible and I do recall seeing at least one photo of George Kirk. He might also have one old snippet from the Derbyshire Times. I will ask him to look for it when next I speak to him. I’ve also informed my father about your site. He has do much work investigating his side of our family and was going to start on my mother’s side. Your work will have given him a considerable head start.

        Hopefully I can get a reasonable scanned photo of uncle Georgie to you by year’s end.

        All the best and thanks again for admirable work

        Robert Marsden


      2. Dear Robert

        A photo would be lovely and I can add it to the webpage and the collage of the men altogether. There is no rush, I will keep the website going for the foreseeable future as there are other projects relating to Old Whittington I am planning on undertaking.

        Thank you for your kind comments

        Kind regards

        Linda Bell


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