Missing men

I have now finished the task I set myself 18 months ago of filling out the lives of the fallen men on the two memorials, 89 in total, who served in WW1. To make them become more than just a name etched on the memorials. Hopefully you have found the stories interesting and the men have now become real people to everyone who has followed the page. The research has been in turn interesting, sad, thought provoking but ultimately I feel immense pride for what these men did. Ordinary working men who answered the call when the country needed their help.
Unfortunately there are five men I cannot trace. I can find the names but not sufficient enough evidence to connect them with Whittington.
They are:
Norman Dennison
Charles Fearn
William Fisher
John Short
George Sims

I have found a Wilfred Fisher from Johnson Street who won the Military Medal and died on 21.3.18. This may be the correct man and I will post his story on the webpage anyway.

If anyone has any information on these missing men or is descended from them then please get in touch.

All information on the sources used can be found at

In future I will be updating the page with other information on different aspects of Whittington lives from the past and hope that you will continue to find the information interesting.

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