Although I have not researched the men who died during World War Two and who are listed on Old Whittington War Memorial on Church Street, I thought it would be timely to remember the 25 on this page today. Sadly I am unable to add the dates or where the men died at the moment.

BENNETT                    S

BURGIN                      E

BUXTON                     S

COOKE                        R G

ELLIOTT                     J

GENT                          W H

GIBBINS                      H S

GOODWIN                  H

GOWER                       E

HAYES                        A

HILL                            S

HUGHES                     G

JENNINGS                   J G

JOHNSON                    R

LAMBERT                   R

MARSDEN                  G

MITCHLEY                 G E

PARKIN                       W

POWELL                     R

RAYBOULD                W

SIDDALL                     J

SWANWICK                R W

WAINWRIGHT            W

WHITBREAD              W H

WILSON                      K

If anybody has any photos of any of the men or any family stories about them they would like to share then please do so below in the comments box.

I found this poem trawling through the internet and although it was written in commemoration of the 1st Iraq War I thought the sentiment was quite fitting for any war.











































































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