I was sorting through some papers and found these postcard copies of paintings by Joseph Syddall (b1864 d 1942). These two paintings were painted between 1890 and 1914, at this time Syddall was dividing his time between Whittington and London. The first called ‘Ploughing’ and the second ‘Beach Scene’. The third image is my favourite. The lady looks deep in thought and she is wearing a lovely big hat, which indicates the drawing may have been done 1890-1910, when big hats were more in fashion.Joseph Syddall was best known in Whittington for his designs of the war memorials at Old Whittington and Dronfield.The last image is the original drawing Syddall did for Old Whittington war memorial. I was lucky enough to be able to photograph it, by kind permission of Chesterfield Museum.Syddall was best known for his pencil drawings and it was pencil drawings that saw him elected to become a member of the Royal Academy.

May be art of horse and outdoors

May be art

May be a drawing

No photo description available.

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