Revolution House 1902

Revolution House 1902 (

Shown here decorated for the coronation of Edward VII. The Revolution House, in the Derbyshire village of Old Whittington, takes its name from the revolution of 1688. Three hundred years ago, this cottage was an alehouse, the ‘Cock and Pynot’ (‘pynot’ is a dialect word for magpie), (new pub in the background) and it was here, as history and tradition relate, that three local noblemen – the Earl of Devonshire (from nearby Chatsworth), the Earl of Danby and Mr John D’Arcy – met to begin planning their part in events which led to the overthrow of King James II in favour of William and Mary of Orange. Danby raised support in Yorkshire and the North, Devonshire in Derbyshire and the Midlands. William and Mary landed at Torbay in November 1688. The North and Midlands rose in support and James fled to France. The Glorious Revolution was over.

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